Kerry Johanson

​Kerry Johanson is an experienced AP Art History and Digital Graphic Design teacher at one of the largest high schools in Virginia.  She is an endorsed College Board AP Consultant, a multi-year Reader for the AP Art History Exam, and was just named one of five finalists for Teacher of the Year in Fairfax County, out of more than 10,000 teachers.  With a Master’s degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, she has taught both high school students and adults for many years.  She has taught college courses, led workshops for the Virginia Art Education Association, developed curriculum for Fairfax County Public Schools, and currently serves as a Great Beginnings Coach for new teachers in Fairfax County. Her student pass rates for the AP Art History exam regularly surpass 85%, with more than 60% of her students scoring 4’s and 5’s. She is also a mother of five (and a grandmother), who has traveled extensively throughout Europe, wandering from art treasure to art treasure.  She is a passionate lover of art history, an enthusiastic teacher, and believes that every lesson is improved by a touch of humor.

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