Lucy Lee

Lucy Chu Lee  竹露茜, 2013-14 NJ County Teacher of the Year and 2012 NECTFL Teacher of the Year, is a veteran Chinese language teacher at Livingston High School and a teacher educator at Rutgers University and William Paterson University in New Jersey. She also taught at Seton Hall University and Drew University for many years. Ms. Lee co-authored the CLASS Professional Standards for K-12 Chinese Language Teachers, served as the co-chair for the national project on the standards for K-12 Chinese learners, and participated in the NEH/Ohio State NFLRC-funded Guide for Basic Chinese Language Programs. Ms. Lee served two terms as president of the Chinese Language Association of Secondary-Elementary Schools (CLASS) and served on the Board of Directors for the Chinese Language Teachers Association (CLTA). She also served two years on the National Commission for the AP World Languages Course and Exam Review Project. Ms. Lee was appointed to serve on the New Jersey International Education Task Force and served three years on the National Chinese Language Commission for a Luce Foundation Project on the Chinese Language Field Initiative. Ms. Lee has served on a variety of professional committees including the National Standards for Foreign Language Collaborative Project, AAPPL Leadership Team and Advisory Committee, ACTFL Assessment Grant Advisory Committee, SOPA Online Training Panel committee, and the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) WOPA-C Course Project. She is currently serving on the board of directors of the Foreign Language Educators in New Jersey (FLENJ).

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