Mark Case

Mark Case is a 33 year-veteran, AP chemistry teacher from Emmaus High School in Emmaus, PA.  Currently he is the Lehigh Carbon Community College Director of the Science in Motion Program, helping area teachers to perform advanced lab experiments in their classrooms.  Mark also is an experienced consultant in Chemistry, Pre-AP Science, and Educational Technology.  He has served on numerous College Board committees to help develop the AP Vertical Team in Science Guidebook, the AP Chemistry Guided Inquiry Lab Manual, and the new AP Insights curriculum units, which are focused on improving student performance with challenge areas found within advanced topics.  Mark is also involved in writing items for the AP multiple-choice, SAT II and ACT chemistry exams.  He works as a Vernier Software & Technology consultant to help teachers implement computer interfaced probeware into their classrooms.  Mark is a Dreyfus Master Teacher and has presented over fourteen, one-week TORCH institutes for chemistry teachers throughout the country as a member of the WWNFF CHEM6 team.  His several notable awards include the 1994 Tandy Technology Scholars Award, being a multi-year state finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science Teaching, and selected as a 2006 Master Teacher by the DaVinci Science Center in Allentown, PA.  

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