2017 Workshop Schedule

The 2017 APSI schedule is listed below. For workshop descriptions and instructor bios, click here.

Workshop Title Dates Instructor
Calculus BC 8/7/17-8/10/17 Michael White
Chemistry 8/8/17-8/11/17 David Hostage
Computer Science A 8/7/17-8/10/17 Maria Litvin
Computer Science Principles 6/26/17-6/26/17 Frances Trees
Economics: Macro and Micro (combined) 6/26/17-6/29/17 Anthony Gyapong
English Language and Literature 7/11/17-7/14/17 Vincent Lankewish
European History 6/26/17-6/29/17 Pamela Wolfe
French Language and Culture 8/7/17-8/10/17 Edward Weiss
Human Geography 8/7/17-8/10/17 Pamela Wolfe
Italian Language and Culture 6/26/17-6/29/17 Bruna Boyle
Physics 1: Algebra-Based 6/26/17-6/29/17 Anu Tilak
Psychology 8/7/17-8/10/17 Jill Compher
Spanish Language and Culture 8/7/17-8/10-17 Louis Baskinger
Statistics 7/17/17-7/20/17 Jim Bohan
U.S. Government and Politics 7/24/17-7/27/17 Noah Lipman
U.S. Government and Politics 8/14/17-8/1/17 Noah Lipman
U.S. History 7/31/17-8/2/17 Mark Digiacomo
World History 7/31/17-8/2/17 Jonathan Ferrante